The artist “Swisha,” oldest of 5, was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.  Rapping became second nature for him as he comes from a musical background; his grandfather, being a former Motown Artist.  He taught himself how to play the piano and make his own original music.  His main influences were Hip-Hop/Rap artists; 2 Pac, KRS-One, and Ice Cube.  Rap felt like destiny for him.  He turned pain and past experiences into lyrics, and never stopped recording tracks!!  At a very young age Swisha and his younger siblings moved with his grandmother.  Not having his mother or father around was a major challenge and caused him to make horrible decisions.  By age 8, he was hustling for survival of himself, family and soon thereafter his 5 children.  Things began moving in a positive direction when Swisha immersed himself in Basketball.  He became well known for being the MVP for Libbey High School Basketball Team in Toledo, Ohio. “Basketball saved my life. It made me realize there is hope, I can make it out these streets, and make a better way for my family,” he admits.  He thought getting a Basketball scholarship into College would be his ticket to saving his family, but he could not leave the streets and drug lifestyle alone and later dropped out of college.  

  “I’m trying to change my ways... I’m trying to Change.  I'm Trying to change from Yesterday, I'm Trying to change... From Bad to Good, Trying to get out the hood, Do something good.  I said I’m Trying to Change...”  

  In 2012, Swisha was awarded “Best Video of the year” for the Ohio Hip-Hop Music Awards, which was soon followed by an award for “Performer of the Year” for the Toledo Hip-Hop Music Awards.  He is labeled the #1 Unsigned Music Artist in the Mid-West from the Hip-Hop Network and had over 31,000 Vevo Plays within the first few days of releasing his latest video; “She Wanna Get Hit.”  Swisha has numerous tracks and videos that have been viewed and listened to over the years creating a large fan-base in the Midwest, the South and his music is continuously spreading.  

  Currently, Swisha resides in Atlanta, GA.  He moved to pursue his music career as an upcoming Rap Artist.  He is finalizing his EP, “Who Is Swisha?,” due to be released this month; which will showcase his talents, versatility and unique sound as an artist.  It will be followed by his up-close and personal Album; “The Mandy Project,” which is dedicated and inspired by the recent loss of his younger sister, “Mandy” due to a tragic car accident.  He is currently scheduled to perform in Atlanta, Ga, on May 31st, and scheduled to open up for Lil Boosie in Toledo, Ohio in June, 2015.

  Soon the world will know “Who Swisha is” and that this "lyrical genius" does not need a pen nor paper when he creates a hit!  His raw talent, honesty and real life experiences fuel everything he does and dictates who he is as an Artist!  His creativity comes from being raised in the streets and having a lifetime of struggles, heartaches and pain.  More importantly, the best way to get to know him is by listening to what he has to say once he hits the booth.  Stay tuned!!

  “This street sh** for real man.  It’s like we’re living in a jungle.  It’s hard to survive.  Everybody want something different.  But when you reach that stop sign...  You gotta make a turn.”